A new rhythm-based VR fitness game has entered the ring of the VR world. PowerBeatsVR is a workout inspired game that allows you to box or smash everything in your path, dodge obstacles, and move in harmony with energetic music. You’ll gain access to weapons with unique features, improve your skills, and move up in the ranks on the leaderboard the more you play.

Each track that you play is specially designed for a corresponding course. This will help the player be more engaged in workouts, and no two classes are alike. Depending on the path you choose you could be heavily focusing on offensive maneuvers with a fist or a hammer, while others have you dodging to the left and right to avoid giant obstacles.

To keep the player involved, there are several different environments to play through, including an Egyptian desert filled with sand and pyramids or space and a medieval castle. The game also offers multiple difficulties to choose from, the first offering a less-intense workout if you’re new to the fitness world. The game is designed to be learned as you play, so it’s okay to start easy and increase your difficulty the more you play.

The creators of PowerBeatsVR have never stepped a toe in a fitness-based game before. Before creating PowerBeatsVR, the developers were known for their two escape room themed titles.

“We wanted to do something different after finishing the second one, something where the player had to be physically active,” said Five Mind Creaton’s Niklas Weber.

You can play PowerBeatsVR on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The game also supports mixed reality using LIV or SteamVR quadrant and MixCast support will be coming in the future.