The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes to PSVR this month, and if you’re interested in experiencing the acclaimed open-world RPG in VR but have yet to pick up the headset, a new bundle will give you everything you need to jump in. Today, Sony announced it is releasing a Skyrim PSVR bundle for PS4, which will go on sale in North America very soon.

The bundle launches alongside Skyrim VR next week, on November 17, and retails for $450. It includes the PSVR headset, a PlayStation Camera, two PS Move controllers, a copy of Skyrim VR, and a new PSVR demo disc that features demos of 13 titles. You can take a look at the packaging below.

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So far, the Skyrim PSVR bundle has only been announced for North America, so if you live in the region, this would be a good way to jump into PSVR if you have been holding out. Skyrim VR includes the base game, as well as all of its DLC expansions: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.

We recently capture nearly a half-hour of gameplay footage of Skyrim VR to give you a better look at how the experience translates to virtual reality. PSVR isn’t the only new platform Skyrim is coming to this month; on the same day, November 17, Bethesda’s RPG also launches on Nintendo Switch. Like the PSVR version, Skyrim on Switch includes the base adventure and all of its DLC expansion. It is also compatible with Amiibo figures to unlock Legend of Zelda items.