The current PSVR headset will also work with the next PlayStation.


PlayStation VR has been an important new endeavour for Sony this generation, and most people would expect it to grow even more in importance with next generation hardware. Recently, lead architect on the PS5, Mark Cerny, sat down with Wired to pull back the curtain on several details for the next Sony console, from its hardware specs to support for backwards compatibility.

Something else that got brought up was the PS5, and whether it will continue Sony’s support for virtual reality. Whether or not we will see a PSVR 2 is something that Cerny didn’t comment on, but he did mention that VR itself is “very important” to Sony- you can probably guess what that means. Cerny also confirmed that the current PSVR headset will be compatible with the PS5.

Sony’s recently been filing plenty of patents for VR-related technology, from a wireless headset, to per-finger motion tracking and hand detection, to taking players’ virtual selves to other locations– so it’s no surprise that Sony has been looking to make advancements with the PSVR, most likely for the next generation, especially given how successful it has proven to be for them already. Until Sony gives an official confirmation and makes any announcements though, all we can do is speculate.