PlayStation VR Hardware Sales 1

Sony is continuing to gobble up a large proportion of the virtual reality market with PlayStation VR, but while former president Andrew House was concerned by the lack of competition from other high-end devices earlier in the year, he’ll be happier with these latest results tracking the virtual reality sector through Q3 2017, which spans 1st July through 30th September.

According to the report, PSVR shipped 490,000 units, meaning that it dominated 49 per cent of the overall market. It’s worth noting that this data excludes the “simpler” virtual reality headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR or Google’s Daydream View. Despite that, shipments of high-end headsets surpassed one million units for the first time during the period, suggesting everyone’s doing well.

Interestingly, PlayStation VR is doing particularly positively in its native Japan, where a slew of virtual reality-themed arcades have been popping up of late. “Sony has dominated the Japanese VR headset market since the release of the PS VR, taking more than an 80 per cent share, and will continue to lead as it increases supply of the PSVR headset with bundles featuring new titles,” Canalys analyst Jason Low said.

Earlier today, UK sales analysis firm Chart-Track announced that Black Friday week sales of PSVR were on par with those when the headset launched last year. Other recent reports suggested that Sony had made over $500 million from the sale of virtual reality hardware alone. In other words: PlayStation VR is going nowhere soon. And long may its success continue.