Rec Room, the social VR platform available for a multitude of devices, is getting another one of its famous co-op Quests starting November 15th, this time letting you team up with a crew of like-minded vampire hunters on a monster-smashing adventure.

The Castlevania-inspired Quest, dubbed ‘Crescendo of the Blood Moon’, takes you to a dreary castle where you battle it out weapons like shovels and old-timey blunderbuss guns against skeleton mobs and werewolves.

An interesting new locomotion scheme is making its debut as well, a whip-teleportation that lets you climb the castle where you’ll no doubt encounter more terrible ghoulies. While the creepy new Quest was probably intended for release sometime around Halloween, replay value on Rec Room’s Quests are pretty high, so it’s better late than never.


The new ‘Crescendo of the Blood Moon’ Quest isn’t the first of the platform’s co-op adventures; Rec Room plays host to: Quest for the Golden Trophy, The Rise of Jumbotron, The Curse of the Crimson Cauldron, and Isle of Lost Skulls—all of them with their own unique themes and weapons to battle the many fearless NPCs just itching to send you packing back to the lobby.

Like its Quests, Rec Room’s in-game battle royale multiplayer Rec Royale is basically a full game unto itself, letting you go head-to-head against 15 other players in a large summer camp environment, replete with the iconic drop from a flying party gondola and plenty of weapons and ammo to loot.

Against Gravity’s Rec Room is a free social VR app that’s available on PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows VR headsets, and traditional monitors, providing cross-play between all supported VR and console/PC platforms. Check out how to download it here.

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