Android and iOS recently got a new free app that creates an AR portal where you can view a recreation of one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings.

An Amsterdam-based design studio CapitolaVR created the app for Dutch insurance and investment company Nationale Nederlanden, and the Mauritshuis museum, where the painting is currently on display. Lookalikes from the painting were brought in to help bring the 3D scene to life.

The company also created videos to show how the app takes people inside of Rembrandt van Rijin’s 1632 painting through an arch you can place in the environment.

Developers used ARkit and ARcore from Apple and Google to enable to portal. They polished the captured mesh to make them (the models) look as much as possible as the characters in the painting, according to Capitola’s David Robustelli.

From the images below, you can see the difference from the real painting, to the screenshot from the app. Looks pretty good if we can say so for ourselves.

The app is currently available to download for free and should work on iPhone SE, 6s and newer models with iOS 11. Developers recommend using headphones for the experience since it also gives an audio based guidance.