#Samsung #GalaxyS8Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours HOTTING Up Already: MWC 2017 Launch, 4K VR Display, Dual-Camera : The biggest players in the mobile industry seem to benefit most from sticking to fairly predictable and reliable annual patterns – sure the goalposts might move every now and then, but on the whole, we know roughly what to expect and when based on past launches.

Samsung’s established a pattern in recent years of hosting its own separate launch events but often very close to major industry expo events for its major devices, for example, it has regularly launched the Galaxy Note series at a private event in Berlin just before the annual IFA expo takes place there (though it did break with this tradition by launching the Galaxy Note 7 in New York this August).

Likewise, the Galaxy S flagships have regularly launched in Barcelona in the days running up to the MWC expo held there around late February-to-early-March, and this is what it has done with both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 series recently.

Compared to much of the rest of the industry, with fellow Korean rival LG being a notable exception, this is a pretty early start in the year for flagship launches, I mean, to put it in some kind of context Apple and Google are still yet to launch their respective flagships for 2016, with both expected to arrive in September. With the Galaxy Note 7 launch out the way, the Galaxy S8 is the next big thing on Samsung’s calendar.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Dual-Camera

On June 20, sources inside China have claimed the Galaxy S8 will feature a dual-camera sensor. This would mean the handset is keeping in trend with the likes of the Huawei P9 and LG G5, as well as rumours about the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro.

According to the details the dual-camera sensor will be engineered by Samsung Motors aka SEMCO, so the firm will be producing its own imaging tech this time round.

An August 30 report has emerged from an allegedly reliable Weibo tipster described as having a good track record. The source is adding to the Galaxy S8 rumour pile; reiterating that the new handset coming in 2017 will have a dual-camera sensor.

The informant says that the sensor array will feature both a Samsung-made 12MP sensor and a Sony 13MP sensor. Meanwhile, the front camera is said to be an 8MP setup. The source also says to expect a Galaxy Note 7 style iris scanner.

Samsung Galaxy S8: 4K VR Display

An interesting new titbit has popped up on July 26; having not heard anything much about the Galaxy S8 amidst a barrage of Galaxy Note 7 leaks in recent weeks, apparently we now have a codename for the project.

The codename, interestingly, drops some hints about the Galaxy S8 features and also supports earlier claims of a 4K display intended for use with VR, that’s because the codename for the Galaxy S8 is allegedly “Project Dream”.

You may recall that Google is working on a VR platform desgined for Android OEMs to work with on their hardware, and that project is called Google Daydream, so it doesn’t take a huge leap to see where one leaves and the other picks up on the naming convention. The word comes via multiple sources in China as reported by local publication MyDrivers.