Sansar Linden Lab NASA Apollo

I told you about Linden Lab partnering with NASA for an Apollo Museum Experience in Sansar, now here’s a sneak peek courtesy the official Twitter account. Unless I missed it, this is the first official look at Sansar since the trailer from a few months ago. Click to embiggenate!

If you can be in New York this weekend, you can see this first hand in VR:

In collaboration with NASA and Linden Lab, LOOT Interactive will debut their next VR project during The Art Of VR event at Sotheby’s. Visitors to the NASA Apollo Museum can explore, in high-detail, one of mankind’s defining moments, the Apollo 11 mission, in which NASA landed the first human beings on Earth’s Moon. Explore true-to-scale models of the Saturn V rocket, Command Module and the Lunar Module, track the entire mission from launch to re-entry via a Museum-size mission map, and teleport to a recreation of the Apollo 11 moon landing site!  Built with Sansar, Linden Lab’s new social VR platform, The Apollo Museum Experience is a richly immersive and engaging  virtual experience to be explore and enjoy with other people.

Graphics look great, of course, though as with every pic of this social VR platform, it’s the social part that leaves me somewhat head scratching. Specifically, the avatars:

Sansar Linden Lab NASA Apollo avatar

Clicken to embiggen for that rubbery generic feel. Not fair of course, but the appeal of the avatars is likely the key that’ll bring move most SLers into Sansar (or not).

A pic or two more to see on the Sansar Twitter!