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Seven games you must play on PlayStation VR


On Thursday, Sony released its long-awaited virtual reality headset PlayStation VR.

The headset itself costs $399.99, much lower than high-end VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The next question for those planning to invest in PlayStation VR is what video games to choose.

Here are seven of our favorite experiences in PlayStation VR:


Remember the original found in arcades and Atari video game consoles? It returns in VR, as players hop inside a giant tank and push through a series of skirmishes against enemy tanks and other vehicles. The perspective sitting inside the tank is Battlezone’s strongest draw, plus maneuvering the tank with the standard PS4 controller feels very comfortable.

Eve Valkyrie

Although it’s been around for a while on Oculus Rift, it remains one of the best VR experiences available. Players sit inside a spaceship performing a variety of missions where you attempt to take down enemy fighters in space. There’s a single player campaign as well as multiplayer if you want to battle against real people. Seriously, it’s like Star Wars. It’s amazing. Plus the effects included when your ship is about to go down are really cool.

Job Simulator

Another one already available on a competing headset (HTC Vive), but still enjoyable. The game requires players to take on jobs such as chef, auto mechanic, convenience store employee and even office worker. Because what better way to escape your real world office grind with a virtual one? At least it’s easier to reach inbox zero.

Rez Infinite

The music-based game dating back to Sega’s Dreamcast returns with a mesmerizing debut in virtual reality. The player controls an avatar hacking their way through a colorful computer network seeking to push you out. When players target and strike enemies, they create musical effects coinciding with the game’s soundtrack. This is an experience meant for virtual reality.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Players participate in a sports league as the pilot of a mechanized assault vehicle, or mech. The mechs vary in size, speed and strength, and players participate in a series of events for their teams, all with their own logos and stadiums. Think of the experience a little like EA’s action game Titanfall, but it’s in VR. It’s really cool.


This unique 3D puzzle game starts out with a simple cube players must move through a wall with a hole. As you move through each level, more boxes are added, taking on unusual shapes players must pass through more elaborate holes to advance. Lose all your cubes, and it’s game over.


Of all the offerings on PlayStation VR, this rhythm-based action game is perhaps the best. Players watch a beetle speeding down a track, with players hitting a single button at specific cues to perform attacks, represented as drum beats. It’s an intense, futuristic roller coaster ride, and arguably one of the best examples of why people are so excited about video games in VR.

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