Vertigo Games announced that Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl will be cross platform. The brand new VR game will be in the same universe as their RTS/MOBA hybrid, Skyworld. The game is launching on both PC and a standalone platform and hopefully will be landing on Quest and PSVR later this year.

Not much is known about the game or its mechanics yet but there was a small teaser released about it.

“Unlock, collect and upgrade dozens of cards to build a powerful deck, and watch your cards come to life as you cast spells and summon forces to wipe your enemy off the map. Join a clan, take on opponents from around the globe in regular online tournaments, and claim your place on the global leader-boards.”

This game is designed to be highly competitive and the VR element might be cool since, as mentioned, you can see your deck come to life right before your eyes.

“We set out to deliver a consistent, uncompromising cross-platform experience across PC VR and standalone VR hardware with Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl and it’s exciting to see how far we’ve been able to push the devices; from drawing massive numbers of units on screen to delivering awesome combat effects,” said Trevor Blom, Lead Teach at Vertigo Studios.

The game will be debuting at Game Developers Conference (GDC) and attendees can play a hands-on demo on the HTC Vive Pro and the HTC Vive Focus in the VR Play Area.

“Vertigo Game and Vive Studios have delivered on the VR industry’s desire for a gripping multiplayer game where players can battle friends regardless of their different VR hardware,” said Joel Breton, Vice President of Vive Studios. “We are very excited to be partnering with Vertigo Games to bring Skyworld Kingdom Brawl to the entire VR community.”

The studio also launched the original Skyworld on Viveport Subscription as a way of celebrating the news. Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl will launch on April 2 supporting HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Focus, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.