Sony are still experimenting with what's best for VR.


Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden spoke at length about VR in an interview with TIME, where he expressed his thoughts on VR as a platform. He talked about Sony’s approach to VR as a completely new form of entertainment.

Layden made it clear in the interview that VR was still in its earliest of stages, and that Sony were making a point to look at it not as a peripheral, not as an add-on, but “as a whole new platform for entertainment.”

“As we step into that frontier, we’re not entirely sure what’s going to work best,” he said. “So we’re trying many different experiences against that, dozens of different approaches.” At some point, Layden hopes, VR will “coalesce around half a dozen or so experiences that work well in that medium.”

We’re already seeing a few different types of VR game stand out as becoming more popular: ‘Standing shooter’ games where you stay in one spot or transport between a number of spots and shoot at an enemy is becoming increasingly common in the medium. Final Fantasy XV is an example of a game using this mechanic for VR.

“There are people experimenting, which we’re encouraging.” Layden said in the interview. “You’re seeing it with larger franchises, as with Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing Fighter VR.”

We are also seeing full-length games surfacing for PSVR, but only time will tell if this type of title suits the medium. “We have games like Farpoint, which is one of our internal studios working with a new peripheral, but that is a game in and of itself. It’s been born, if you will, on PlayStation VR.”

PlayStation have entered a brave new world with VR, and it will take quite some time to iron out the kinks, but there is a good chance the medium will be successful in the long run.