Sprint Vector Gets Series Of Community-Focused Weekly Challenges

Sprint Vector Gets Series Of Community-Focused Weekly Challenges


The best way to keep people coming back to your game is to keep releasing new content — it’s a tried and true method of maintaining a high retention rate. Sprint Vector just recently launched on Rift, Vive, and PSVR but that isn’t stopping developer Survios from coming back with new things to set your sights on already.

Starting today, there will be a new Weekly Challenge each Friday running throughout every weekend. Every challenge will provide a specific goal on a particular map for everyone to try and complete and compete against one another for.

The Steam announcement reads:

“Not only do the Weekly Challenges encourage you to show us what you got on an assortment of maps and game modes, but a victory gives you a shot at participating in Mr. E’s Master League, an upcoming community competition where only the speediest survive!”

Plus, you’ll even get especial flair on the official Survios Discord channel and an invite to an exclusive “Winner’s Circle” chat channel.

The first Weekly Challenge started yesterday, 2/15, and runs through 2/18. The objective is to complete a Time Trial on the Termination map with a time of 01:35:00 or better. That’s it! Naturally, that isn’t super simple to do, but it’s well within the realm of being possible for most players.

Are you planning on participating? Let us know down in the below!

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