From the Amazon Vine Customer Review programme, I bring you an item which has brought much mirth to the house as I’ve tried to explore how it works… I’ve been described as “looking like Jacque Cousteau” to simply being laughed at.

I’m not impressed with this item, it’s one of those items which is painfully clear its a waste of planetary resources, but people insist on making them, so I’m here to review them for you… Watch on.

The major problem with this head set is the lack of ability to touch your screen whilst it’s in use; which is common to many; however it has a built in “capacitive touch” arm, which does not work. The app is useless, literally opening YouTube’s own App is much much better. And then at the end, as I went to put it away, the seal broke…. Useless folks, it’s Useless!

Links to the Amazon site for this are here and you will see some people find it amazing… I’m afraid I don’t, and I won’t hold any punches in my review.