The best Oculus Rift games set to launch in July 2018

The best Oculus Rift games set to launch in July 2018


The library of Oculus Rift games continues to grow each month, both on the Oculus Store and on Steam. There are some truly great titles already available, but to help you decide what to save up for or just to give you something to look forward to, here are the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality (VR) games confirmed to be coming July 2018.

We’ve also got the information on Steam related releases for the month.

Oculus Rift coming soon

Plenty of games are released each month for most consoles, and this what we’ve found so far. The Oculus Store, as usual, has some choice options for Virtual Reality (VR) games that are set to release. These are games that are fresh to the “Coming Soon” section of the Oculus Store, check them out.


Here you’ll retrieve what looks like a sonic screwdriver and embark on an adventure to help your new friend regain his memories. In this steampunk-esque title you’ll face puzzles and challenges to put the pieces of this house back together. Upon doing so you’ll unlock memories of a world that seems long gone. Embark in this intense mystery and find out who the bad guys really are. Are you ready to discover?

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Oculus Rift experiences coming soon

These experiences have been in the “Oculus Rift coming soon” category on their website for over a month. As soon as we have information on their release dates, we’ll let you know! If any of these games strike you as super awesome you can also select the “follow” button located on the links listed below the title to receive updates as soon as they have them.


This title has been in “coming soon” for months now

Blind takes an interesting turn on echolocation. In this title, you are a woman named Jane who has found herself trapped in a manner that really doesn’t want her to leave. Throughout this gameplay, you will not only learn her story but the story of the people who used to live there. Both are detrimental to figuring your way out of this nightmare. Put on your headset and get ready for this psychological thriller. Just remember, be careful of how much noise you make… you never know who could be listening.

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Pixel Ripped 1989

This title has been in “coming soon” for months now

What a day to go back in time. In PIxel Ripped 1989 you’ll feel the nostalgia through your bones of what it was like to be a kid again. Jump back into the pixels and defeat the big bosses a few more times, just make sure your teacher doesn’t catch you on your game! The way I see it, if you’re going to travel through time you might as well do it in style.

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Chemistry Adventures in the Wonder Lab

This title has been in “coming soon” for months now. They have also changed the name from “Structure & Properties of Matter”.

Bring the love of science to your Oculus Rift with this wonderful title that’s bound to give you some chemistry (ha, get it?). In Structure & Properties of Matter, we are all students who are super eager to learn through fun and engaging games and activities! This curriculum was designed by award-winning educators and is aligned to the Next Gen Science Standards.

So, if you’re looking for a science tutor with a bit of fun, check it out on the Oculus Store!

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18 Floors

This title has been in “coming soon” for months now

Chances are you’ve played the infamous 100 Floors: Can you Escape? Well, if you have and you loved it than 18 Floors is going to be the game for you. Instead of having to use a phone to swipe around the scene and see what you can pick up, you can experience one of your favorite puzzle games through VR. This means being able to actually turn your head or carefully make sure you put the puzzle pieces exactly where they are supposed to go.

Are you up for this brain sweating challenge?

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This title has been in “coming soon” for months now

Find yourself immersed in a world where sci-fi meets fantasy. In Primordian you fill find yourself fighting for your life against many, many terrifying creatures much larger than you. Here you’ll choose a sword or gun and go up against your enemies. Wait, did I mention the magic?

Yeah, you’re pretty much a one-man army ready to defeat anything that crosses your path… as you should!

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Oculus Rift supported Steam releases

There are plenty more Rift games being released this month; here are the ones we can confirm. We will update this list as other surprise titles pop up. These games are available on steam, but compatible with your Oculus Device!

Early access Oculus Rift supported Steam releasing in June

What are you playing?

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Updated July 31, 2018: We refresh this list for the beginning of every new month to ensure you’re in the know when it comes to the Rift games being released soon.