These are the 10 best virtual reality games for PlayStation 4. Immerse yourself in this amazing world of fun and adventure.

-Wipeout Omega Collection
The VR version of this game has given a lot to talk since it has returned with spectacular graphics and an indescribable sound quality, so there’s no doubt as to why it almost takes the first place in our top.

-The Persistence
In this game you will die over and over and over and over again. We’re sorry, but even if it sounds bad and masochistic, this is the way in which The Persistence was made, giving a meaning to its name.

Introducing us in a fantasy world where a mouse named Quill is the main character, this adventure game is centered on a little mouse that will solve enigmas to try to rescue his uncle from the clutches of an evil, fire-spitting snake.

And speaking of taking advantage of everything VR offers, this game is one of those that introduce you to a completely different world.

-Sprint Vector
If we combine physical activity with high intensity competitions, we get Sprint Vector, a game that is based on an intergalactic skating competition .

-Apex Construct
Introducing a post-apocalyptic world where artificial creatures have seized the earth and seek to eliminate all traces of life, you’ll be playing the only human survivor, it will be your job to discover what happened, and as if it wasn’t enough, two powerful artificial intelligences are in an endless conflict.

-The Exorcist: Legion VR
If you love horror games, you need to test The Exorcist: Legion VR which has a reality charged with suspense and a hypnotizing atmosphere, along with the surround sound which function is to accelerate your heart as you get deeper into the game.

-The Inpatient
There is something between terror and VR that makes them the perfect match, maybe because you can’t look away or because you identify with everything that happens.

-Cold Iron
Combining accuracy and virtual reality may sound intimidating at first, but once you get used to the controls, you’ll be ready to get into the mysterious and wild west.

-K1ll1ng Floor: Incursion
There is no better way to exploit every VR attribute than with a POV shooter. The new installment of Killing Floor is exactly that, a game loaded with hordes of zombies

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