Sony is taking its PlayStation VR headset on tour across the UK with free demos this month. At the same time, the country’s biggest videogame retailer, GAME, is offering its own demonstrations, but for a price.

Several Twitter accounts for regional GAME stores have today tweeted that PS VR, which launched late last week, is now back in stock. These stores are also letting people go hands-on with the device but it looks like some stores are actually charging for it. We’ve got screenshots of the stores we found charging for demos below, though it’s not clear if every store is charging.

As you can see the pricing for these demos isn’t entirely consistent. Some stores are charging £5 for a 10 minute slot while others are charging the same for a 20 minute slot. £15 will also get you half an hour on the device, which might be enough time to run through an experience like The London Heist.

After trying out a demo, customers will of course still be able to buy the unit and it doesn’t appear that they’ll be offered any money off.

We’ve reached out to GAME to clarify that these stores are acting under the direction of leadership. We’ve also contacted Sony to find out if this is happening with the company’s permission. We’re running the story now as some stores have blocked our access to their tweets.

We’ll update this story as soon as we have any further information. In the meantime, what do you think of stores trying to charge for demos of a product they want to also sell?