At Samsung’s Press Day conference here at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, the company just demonstrated a new commitment to Gear VR video content via their new Milk VR portal with the creators of The Walking Dead announcing work on a dedicated, made-for-VR show.

milk vr samsung gear vr 2Gear VR got an early mention at Samsung’s Press Day CES conference here in Las Vegas today. Milk VR, Samsung’s dedicated, curated VR video portal, was front and centre alongside its more conventional counterparts and with it mentions of commitments to content for the company’s Gear VR platform.

Along with a promise to bring new video content to the Milk VR portal on a daily basis, Tim Baxter, President and COO of Samsung Electronics US added a touch of hype when he introduced the EVP of production company Skybound Entertainment, David Alpert. Alpert’s company are responsible for the wildly successful US TV show The Walking Dead and announced that they are now working on bringing a mystery, suspense thriller made entirely for VR to the Gear VR platform via Milk VR. The new show will be available later this year and will be delivered episodically via Milk VR.

David Alpert, EVP of Skybound Entertainment

Unfortunately, no further details were forthcoming with Alpert exiting with a tease of “stay tuned”. Precisely what the project is, the form it’ll take or when we’re likely to see it remains unknown until then.

It’s an exciting move from Samsung, who launched Milk VR just last week with a limited selection of content. Other than Skybound’s mystery project, Samsung promised to ramp up it’s content offerings which will include sports coverage from the NBA, including special segments produced for the Gear VR. The message was “daily content” to be delivered through the portal and it was encouraging to hear.