I’m not promoting the sale of this firearm! This firearm was provided to me by J&G Sales for the purpose of demonstration and review. If I want to keep this shotgun, I have to pay for it. I’m not listing where you can purchase this firearm, or the actual price, because I’m not promoting the sale of this firearm. You will have to find that information out on your own independently if you wish to pursue purchasing one like this.

Here are links to the accessories I’m using with this firearm:

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Tacticon Predator V1 red dot sight:

Limbsaver size medium:

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I was pleasantly surprised by this shotgun. I had really low expectations of this because of the reputation the gen 1 and gen 2 panzers (as well as all other made in turkey AR style 12 ga shotguns). Those older models seemed to jam a lot with low brass or light powered loads. This gen 3 version (at least the one that I got) didn’t struggle at all. It was ready to go pretty much right out of the box. I didn’t plan to keep this firearm, but since this particular one seems to run so well, and I have so much fun with it, I think it’ll eventually end up in my safe. My only criticism is that the flip up sights are junk, and the AR style safety chewed up my hand a little (but that’s because I shoot left handed, and I was being lazy with my grip). Other than that, keep it clean and it runs like a champion 3 gun shotgun!

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