About 15 hours playtime, one of the most popular VR games in Japan!

Uncover the secrets of Shibuya and escape from this deserted world! The Original VR Mystery Visual Novel Tokyo Chronos is now available on Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Viive, and PlayStation© VR. The PSVR version of the game was released on August 26th in North America.


Spring 2018.
Kyosuke Sakurai – you – awaken in the city of Shibuya, Tokyo, oddly quiet and devoid of its bustle.

Nobody is around. The only exception is the group of eight childhood friends which you used to be part of.

As the group gathers in the city’s famous scramble crossing, a blood-red message flashes on a nearby electronic billboard.


I am dead. Who killed me?


Faced with the cryptic message, the eight friends set out to find a way out of the world. If this world is similar to the Chronos Worlds that had emerged in the past, there is only one way out– to find the one causing this strange phenomenon and kill them.



The game is produced by Kazuma Miki, producer of Sword Art Online and is cast by well-known voice actors and actresses in Japan. Theme songs are suing by Eir Aoi and ASCA.

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