USE YOUR PHONE AS VR HEADSET! (NO LAG) | Trinus and Tridef 3D Tutorial – 2 different methods! Very Cheap VR!

wassup ma chicken nuggets!

Today im gonna show you how to use your andoid phone as a VR (virtual Reality) headset in two different ways!

Be aware that the first method requires two phones!
And also sorry if this video was messy but I cut a lot of parts out like for example when i install the apps on phone or link it to the PC because that is too easy and i think you know how to do that 🙂

If you can’t figure it out you can always look it up on trinus website or search for nvidia gamestream with moonlight and so on. 😀


Tridef 3D:



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Thank ya mcnuggets for watching!
See ya in the next video, peace ?