A virtual reality game developed in Sudbury will be unveiled next month.

Greencap Games will showcase its first game, called Hubris. It’s a video game that incorporates virtual reality (VR) and mobile phones.

“One person is in VR and they’re playing as this mythical hero in Greece,” Mike Daoust, founder of the company explained.

“Meantime, up to four other players are playing on their mobile phones, and they are playing as the Gods of Olympus. They’re all locked into a competition with each other to be the person that stops the VR player.”

He says the idea is to get people playing the game together.

“We really like that social aspect, that human connection that you get when you’re in the same physical space,” he said.

“There’s some games that kind of tie into the same idea but they’re few and far between. In the VR world, there’s even fewer concepts that are similar.”

Daoust says that interaction between players is important.

“Video games have been a powerful tool in entertainment for a long time,” he said.

“But even from their very roots, some of the most powerful aspects of gaming have been the social connotations.”

He says arcade games such as PacMan, and console games, including Mario are more fun if you’re with people when you play them.


Mike Daoust is the founder of Greencap Games. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)


“A high score means nothing if there’s not somebody to share it with,” he said.

“I personally believe a lot of that is because these social connections that we form while we play grant the game the meaning that gives us value.”

Daoust says the unveiling will happen in July, but the game won’t be ready for quite some time after that.

“It only marks that point at which we’re ready to start showing the game publicly,” he said.

Currently the company relies on government grants, but he says they’re looking to change their revenue model to be more sustainable in the future.

“As you can imagine, there’s not exactly a whole industry here in Sudbury for this,” he said.

“We are sort of pioneers on this front. But it’s our hope … to kind of kick start the industry here.”

The public can see the unveiling on July 27 between 6 and 8:30 p.m. at Dynamic Earth in Sudbury.

Greencap Games is set to unveil its new virtual reality game. It will offer a multiplayer experience by combining two types of video gaming. Mike Daoust is the founder of Greencap Games. He joined us in studio to explain how the game works. 9:35