Cheers Guys!

Thanks for the continued support! News today starts with the games I have been playing most and more on Loading Human a PSVR/Oculus Rift launch title.

I then chat about additional Batman VR information that has come to light.

Next up I talk about a fantastic looking Music Visualizer called “The Impossible Travel Agency” which will dynamically adjust its story length based on the length of the music.

I then talk about VR Massage chairs showing up at VR conferences as well as a possible VR focused Iphone 8.

I then mention a revolutionary sunglasses size VR technology derailed by lack of lateral thinking…jk

Last news deals with the annual cinematic VR challenge from Washington State.


Loading Human/Batman VR –

Impossible Travel Agency –

VR Massage Chair –

Iphone 8 VR? –

Forgotten Strap derails VR company and author –

Cinematic VR –


Loading Human/Batman VR – 00:00 to 5:35
Impossible Travel Agency – 5:36 to 8:56
VR Massage Chair – 8:57 to 10:43
Iphone 8 VR? – 10:44 to 11:33
Forgotten Strap derails VR company and author – 11:34 to 13:34
Cinematic VR – 13:35 to 15:50