Zoink Games and Perp Games have announced that their heartwarming puzzle adventure Ghost Giant will be launching this spring on Playstation VR in both physical and digital formats.  This exciting adventure was first revealed at E3 2018 and has become one of the most anticipated titles of the year.  You can watch their E3 trailer below and see why PSVR gamers are looking forward to it…

Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant tells the story of a lonely boy named Louis who befriends a giant ghost that only he can see.  Taking the role of the titular Ghost Giant, players will need to build up his trust and guide him past a range of obstacles.  The world of Sancourt is open to explore and there are plenty of citizens needing help along the way.

Written in collaboration with Swedish writer, Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Ghost Giant has been created to give the feel of a dolls house with the ability to lift furniture and other items up thanks to the ghost giant’s strength and the world of Sancourt is filled with secrets to discover.  Players won’t just be outside the screen looking in, they will become part of Louis’ life and he will recognise players as a friend.

Olov Redmalm, Art and Creative Director at Zoink Games says “Warmly welcome to Sancourt! I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re getting a physical release of Ghost Giant by Perp Games. With their line of great VR game releases, we feel right at home. The team at Zoink Games hopes that through Ghost Giant you will experience something quite unique in both VR and storytelling! We’re very proud of the game and it handles a topic we’re all really passionate about. So buckle up, ready your handkerchiefs (just in case things get emotional) and prepare to become the Ghost Giant.”

Ghost Giant will arrive on PlayStation VR this spring in the UK in both digital and physical formats.

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