A new three-part VR animated series called Gloomy Eyes is getting a helping hand by actor Colin Farrell, who will be lending his voice as a narrator for the series. Gloomy Eyes first installment is making its debut at the Sundance Film Festival this week.

Farrell will be narrating all three episodes of the VR series, which was directed by Jorge Tereso and Fernando Maldonado, the creators behind the animated short Shave It.

A small synopsis of Gloomy Eyes is:

1983. Woodland City has been plunged into a perpetual night for ten years now due the experiments of a mysterious priest. This man’s madness engendered to Gloomy, a half-human, half-zombie child who lives away from everyone else in the forest. How do you find your place when you’re no entirely dead, nor entirely alive, and when, in spite of your better instincts, you can’t manage to control your need for human flesh?

Farrell talked to Variety about the VR animated series and said:

“Anything that invokes a sense of magic and total immersion is worth gold, and it was amazing to be a part of the vision Fernando and Jorge created in Gloomy Eyes. It’s a completely transportive and beautiful experience, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and really connected with my passion of storytelling.”

Gloomy Eyes was produced by 3dar and France’s Atlas V, co-produced by Ryot, ARTE France and HTV Vive, with the support of the CNC, Unity, and Rhone Alpes.

“The world we imagined in Gloomy Eyes shows the darkest side of humanity. But we balance it with the hope that two little kids bring in their eyes. To love what’s different will bring harmony once again,” said Tereso and Maldonado.

The 2019 Sundance Film Festive takes place on January 24th through February 3rd at Park City, Utah. This year Sundance featured a variety of new VR experiences and films, like Gloomy Eyes, are being presented at the festival’s New Frontier section, which highlights new media and storytelling.

We talked about how Sundance was bringing a massive VR collection to the festival this year and really highlighting on VR and AR experiences. Sundance brought 18 new AR and VR films and exhibitions to guest through the festival’s New Frontier Program. Organizers of the festival said “Leverage new technology, visual aesthetics, social media cultures, immersive design, game theory, transmedia activism, and shifts in the boundaries of authorship,” was the idea behind the new program at the festival.

Some other projects that will be found in the New Frontier Program include:

Belle of the Ball (VR)

A VR journey into a futuristic re-imagined utopia of queer + trans family and dance made in collaboration with members of New York’s ballroom scene.

Embody (VR)

Piloted by movement and whole body engagement and dialogue, this shared game of trading and transforming avatars aims to leave players with a deep feeling of physical embodiment, and surprise at their bodies’ forgotten potential.

Emergence (VR)

Enter an open-world environment, expressing the primal desire to maintain your individual identity whilst being part of a crowd. Showing 5,000+ intelligent human behaviors, this powerful VR experience is made possible by advanced graphics technology. 

Grisaille (VR)

In 2016, a young artist traded her paintbrushes for a headset and began inhabiting virtual reality more than the real world. In this VR installation, join her in a recursive exploration of the infinite self. When your body leaves the experience, your presence lives inside her ever-expanding virtual painting.