Walmart Is Selling A SteamVR Headset Cheap

Walmart Is Selling A SteamVR Headset Cheap


Retail giant Walmart is dipping their toes into the VR world and this time it includes some of the lowest price VR headsets available.

Walmart recently released three models of the SteamVR headset. A 960×1080 per eye model selling for $20, a 1280×144- per eye model for $30, and a 1440×1440 per eye model with IPD adjustments is going for $45.

These headsets are similar to others on the market, where they connect to your PC via an HDMI and USB cable. These headsets don’t feature 6DoF positional tracking though, meaning you can rotate your head but not move around.

All models come with a USB gamepad, meaning you can play any SteamVR game which doesn’t require tracked controllers.

There are also two standalone models available. One uses a 1080p screen for 960×1080 per eye and the other has a 1280×1440 per eye resolution just like the Oculus Go.

These headsets run a modified Android OS. The content for the headset won’t compare to what you are used to with the Oculus or the Daydream since it runs off an app store called Nibiru.

Compared to other standalone headsets, these ones are less powerful and the GPU in the chipset is a similar one that was used on the iPhone 4 back in 2011. For simpler terms, the graphics for these standalone headsets may be bad.

The headsets don’t require a controller and are used with buttons that are built into the headset. If you want a remote you can purchase one for $20.

It is hard to say if the headsets are worth the price that Walmart is selling them for, but it does show companies trying their hardest to dip into an industry and also have the consumer not pay big bucks for something that might actually be worth the money.