“A big part of the job of sound design is to imply that there is more there,” explains Joel Green, Audio Director and Producer at Cloudhead Games on The Gallery series. “Even though you can’t see any of that, it just goes a long way towards making people think it’s a real thing.”

Most of the rest of the above video follows Joel as he explores a beach near the Cloudhead Games studio. You might recall that one of the major locations in the first episode, The Call of the Starseed, is an actual beach as well. Green explains how he captured a lot of the sound used in the game, such as objects dropping into water, himself walking on sand, and the noise wood makes when you crack and break it.


In the image above you can also get a sneak peek at the “giant wooden rock monster” that’s casually mentioned in the video as well. I got to meet this beast ever so briefly at the end of my demo with Episode 2.

The Gallery: Episode 2 – Heart of the Emberstone is set to launch later this year for Rift and Vive. You can read our hands-on impressions of the game from GDC 2017 earlier this year. Are you looking forward to returning back to the world of The Gallery again?

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