Best answer: Amazon is the best place to get the PlayStation Camera. The listing is available on Prime Shipping for a speedy delivery and the price is slightly less than other options.

Amazon: PlayStation Camera ($59)

Take advantage of Amazon Prime and easy setup

Amazon has a subscription service through their website called Prime. It’s a service you can subscribe to monthly or annually that comes with loads of shopping benefits. By having this subscription you unlock free shipping on items that have Prime available. This could have your purchase arrive either two hours or two days after your purchase, depending on your zip code.

Since the PlayStation Camera is available on Prime you can use these benefits to your advantage. Also, when you purchase this item you won’t just get the camera, but also a stand to help make setup a breeze. This way all you have to do is unbox the device, clip it into the stand and set it on your entertainment center. Since this stand also has bendable joints it means you could even clip it to the top of your TV for more convenience.

All this means that, from shipping to arrival, you’ll be in good hands. There are no long waiting times to get your device and it’s just as easy to get it ready for your enjoyment.

What else can the PlayStation Camera do?

This device opens up the doors to a whole new way to use your PlayStation 4. You can use the camera for abilities like facial recognition, which gives you a more secure way of locking your account. This also unlocks the ability for you to use voice and motion controls. That will give you the ability to do some basic voice commands like navigating the home menu or starting up a game really easily.

The PlayStation Camera is also used for two different types of gaming. First and foremost, there is the PlayStation VR (PSVR), which serves as one of the easiest ways to jump into virtual reality. Before the 6.0 update, the PlayStation used to be able to use the PSVR without the PlayStation Camera for certain features like the cinema mode. Now that the camera is required for all uses of the PSVR, you might find yourself in need of the camera if you only bought the PlayStation VR helmet before.

With the PSVR there is a game for just about everyone. You could get your heart racing with zombie games like Killing Floor Incursion, or get your heart fluttering with adorable puzzle games like Moss. Trust me, you want to try out the new form of gaming that comes with a whole new level of immersion. You won’t turn back, I promise

Outside of the PlayStation VR, you can find games like Just Dance that also require your PlayStation Camera. This game uses the camera to track your movements while the screen shows you what dance moves you should be performing during the song. The better you match, the higher your score. It’s another awesome way of getting active during those rainy days!

Our pick

PlayStation Camera

Opening the doors to more gaming

Here is a phenomenal addition to your PlayStation set up. The PlayStation Camera is essential to the PlayStation VR or you want to play games that still require the camera like Let’s Dance. This package comes with the camera and a stand to help make everything go smoother for your gaming experiences.