Why are you in this Virtual Reality? (are you sure you want to know?)


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In this video, I’m going to show you why we are in this simulated reality. I’m going to show you the thing and the reason we actually came here and I’m going to show you exactly what you can do about it. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be going deeper on understanding simulated reality.

Now the information in this video is going to come from a couple of different sources that have consistent messaging throughout all of this. One of it is going to be the law of one, which is some of the most profound channeled material from I believe the 70s, the 80s maybe both decades.

There’s going to be information from there. There’s going to be information from Bashar. Many of you know that I like Bashar from Dolores cannon and also scientist and uh, his name is, um, Thomas Campbell. Thomas Campbell is a scientist, a physicist, nuclear physicist I believe, and he has been bringing about and showing the uh, the proof running experiments and showing different proof that we, it’s highly probable that we live in a simulated reality.

Now for the purpose of this video, I’m going to be explaining it from different viewpoints and showing you as well that this is a very powerful and it is also a very, uh, not such a scary thing. I think he said there is like less than 1% of a 1% chance that we don’t live in a simulated reality. He said the chances are extraordinarily high.

Now think of this first office. It’s simple analogy. You may have heard one of my old videos where I talked about this. We already have VR equipment that you can wear where you don’t know the difference and your brain starts to believe that it is in that virtual reality. And in five or 10 years we will have technology to where you can’t tell the difference between you being in a virtual reality or you being here right now.

There’ll be something that goes over your head. I don’t even know what it could be. And when that happens, you won’t know the difference. Now, if that’s the case, and we’re already close within five, 10 15 years of having that kind of a technology, I just came from a Tony Robbins event recently, so that’s why my voice is still kinda cracked if we’re that close to having that kind of technology.

What’s to say at higher levels of consciousness, we didn’t construct over a reality where we could temporarily be inside of a physical vessel that we call a body so that we can then have a physical type experience. We can forget who we are, believe and identify with the sensations of our senses, the vibrational interpretations of our senses, so that we can then have an experience of then remembering who we are.

So just something to think about. We already almost have the technology, so what’s the say at a higher level? Don’t know if it’d be like some higher ichi beans or something that decided, Oh, let’s have this physical reality where we forget who we are. And then what happened is we decided to come here to have this kind of experience.

So we already had the technology that could tell the difference. So the point of that is knowing that it’s not that far off from us already possibly being inside of what we think of as a virtual reality. It’s just a virtual reality where consciousness is inside of it versus some technological thing that goes over our head and our, our senses are so immersed into it that it feels so real.

Okay, so I just want to throw that out there first of all. Now the thing that I want to talk about is that, okay, let’s look at Thomas Campbell. Thomas Campbell is a nuclear physicist, I believe that’s the exact, you know, the, the, the proper title. But he has a book called my big toe toe and it’s even got a picture of a foot, like a simulated FID with pixels.

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