Ladies and gentlemen, you are not having deja vu…

A few weeks ago i hopped into a Piper Cub with Tannia, Ally’s sister, to show you around this island in FSX. Today I am pleased to announce that iBlueYonder has made their FREE Heron’s Nest scenery available for X-Plane 11!

Bill has outdone himself, and it looks every bit as incredible as I thought it would be, in X-Plane, in VR.

So let’s check out both the airstrip and the seaplane base this time around, and kick up enough dust to choke a virtual pilot!


Bel Geode & Boomflowah Productions

X-Plane 11.05
(Oculus Rift VR Experience)

X-Plane 11 demo is freeware, but X-Plane 11 Global
can be found as payware on or Steam!


This is a first look at:

iBlueYonder’s FREE Heron’s Nest XP
For X-Plane 11 (may also work in 10)

Aircraft used:

VSkyLabs Aeropro EuroFOX Project

DDenn Design Republic SeaBee RC3


for X-Plane, FSX, P3D v3 and 4

Recorded using OBS
(Open Broadcaster Software – FREEWARE)


This episode highlights the following:

SkyMAXX Pro 4.6
by X-Aviation

Forests are Realist Forest by SNowblind7


Build airports using X-Plane’s WED [World Editor] Scenery design tool



Bel Geode- Andrew G. Bolton

Theme music is an original song
written by ME (Andrew G. Bolton)
Entitled “Chaotic Simplicity”
© 2004 Wylobel Studios


Bel Geode uses the Saitek X-52 joystick


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Facebook- BelGeode2015

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