In a YouTube compilation video by 88Rising we see a group of rappers take on the task of rescuing a puppy in VR with some surprising results

How far would you go to save a puppy? I think most of us would go to great lengths, right? What if saving the puppy meant walking across a plank on top of an extremely high city building, but in VR? I mean, that sounds pretty simple and straightforward since it’s not actually real – not according to a group of rappers who took part in this ultimate canine rescue mission, apparently.

On a YouTube channel created by 88Rising, we see a group of rappers trying out the HTC Vine Virtual Reality headset where they’re all confidently ready to try out whatever is thrown at them, but soon that hard image they would like to portray so well starts to slip as they are given the task of saving a little puppy who is sitting on a long plank while they are on a really high building.

While one tries to crawl to the little mite the other cops out completely saying he’s too scared to go any further and tears off the headset and then another rapper is way more worried about his attire, stating “These are Gucci pants, they’re gonna Rip”.

In fairness, after much ado about nothing, they do finally rescue the pup and one rather pleased with himself rapper gives some kind of victory speech at the end of his trial like he’s won an Oscar.

You can watch the video for yourself below, but be aware that there is A LOT of bad language – as you’d expect.